Rack Repairs

Reparations of racking systems based on static verification,
provided by an independent static agency.

Our process is registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office!

Within static possibilities we repair damaged rack columns with the aid of u-irons used as rack column protectors after having mended the damaged rack columns. As a matter of course we provide you with the respective static.
Remark: "Damaged rack parts should not be repaired but replaced, as cold-formed materials… etc." This is a matter of common knowledge. For this reason we establish the new sections as self-carrying in our static calculations. Damaged parts are thus "replaced".
We explicitly point out that not all damaged rack columns can be repaired. Damaged traverses can not be mended, but have to be replaced. Our process is registered at the German Patent and Trademark Office!

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Defective rack struts can likewise be replaced by us. This applies to welded rack columns as well.

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We are not aiming at selling you spare parts but at setting your existing racks in proper condition by means of a professional repair. Below you can see an example for the repair of a rack column using rack column protectors

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(PDF Dokument 1,7 MB)
(PDF Dokument 1,7 MB)